Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Little Treasures...

These pictures make me smile!  You want to know why?  Well, of course you do.  If not, just humor me!

It's a simple moment in time when special memories were made.  A instance that went by so quickly, yet is forever frozen in time.

They are embracing the company of one another.  They are creating. They are learning. They are simply being children.  Their love for life abounds.

Our little treasures!

Granted, there are days when I wonder if I'll make it through in one piece.  Times when the chaos causes my mind to whirl out of control.  I walk around like a zombie lost in a dense fog with no direction.

Then, moments like this occur, and I praise God for all of the little blessings.  The special memories that are made each and every day.  The countless hugs and gooey kisses that are shared by these little people.

To see life through their eyes would be magnificent.

Their insurmountable courage could take you over the tallest mountains and across the largest oceans.

They see a world full of endless possibilities.

Their excitement for sidewalk chalk and bicycle rides is contagious.

They have a zest for life, which I hope they never lose.

Life is simple.  Life is now.  Life is worth living.

Thank you for helping me to remember the simple things.

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