Sunday, August 12, 2012

A New Form Of Body Art...

The adventures in 4-H continue...although this has nothing to do with 4-H and more to do with wonderful family time.  Beautiful, loving, memorable family time.

We traveled to the State Fair and decided to make a mini-family vacation out of the deal.  For some reason, our kids LOVE staying at hotels...aka: the "Big House."  Not sure why, but both the older children refer to hotels in the same manner.  I, for one, am not a fan of  "Big Houses".  Have you seen the documentaries?  Enough said.

At some point during our trip, a certain someone, who shall remain nameless, noticed my recent attempts to cover myself in a new form of body art.  I would venture into the tattooing world, but my ability to faint at a drop of a needle keeps me from doing so.  Instead, I decided that multiple bruises across every inch of my arms and legs was a much better option.  Sure, bruising probably hurts more than tattooing, but...okay, I've got nothing.

So the question arose..."How did you get so many bruises?"

Well, me being me...which is a saying that has always baffled me.  I mean, who else would I be other than myself.  Okay, I've always dreamt of becoming the next Mary Lou Retton, but alas, three children later, I'm thinking this might not be a possibility.  Alright, I knew my dream wasn't a reality a long time ago.  Ya know, it's the only time in my life when I've actually been too tall for something.  It's okay that I can't reach the top shelf in the cereal isle, but gymnastics...I'd be booed off the beam!

Back to my point...the origination of the bruising.  I responded to the question by stating the facts.

"Haven't you heard me walk through the house surrounded by a constant 'Ouch! UGH!  Crud.  My toe!  OUCH!  My toe!  Where did that come from?  OUCHHHHH!  I need a band-aid.  AHHHHHH!  Don't worry.  I'll be okay.'"

Yep, things have a tendency to jump out in front of me.  Seriously!  I live in a neverending maze of booby-traps.  So maybe I'm a bit lacking in the grace department...maybe.

Hoping for some sympathy, I listen for the response from the unnamed person.  Do you want to know what that was?  Of course you do.  Why else would you still be reading this.  Ready to be enlightened...

With a lot of care and loving support, I hear the following words echo through the room...

"So you walk like you DRIVE!"


Guess I probably sat myself up for that one.

*Note:  The above photo showcases a sketch done by dear Merisa.  If I ever become brave, that butterfly is a tattoo I'd love to have!  Especially since it was drawn by our daughter.  Couldn't get any more special than that!

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