Thursday, September 29, 2011

Running Out Of Ideas...

Every year I try to make Merisa's (and now Logan's) Halloween costumes.  I typically do this to save money, but it's also fun!  I go the "non-sewing", buy parts from Goodwill route because I'm not a seamstress...that's my mom's thing (along with cooking, baking, etc.)  I'm NOT domestic by any means, but that's something for another post.

Anyway, last year Merisa was a "Pretty Kitty" and Logan was "Bam-Bam".  Merisa LOVES to dress-up and wear anything blingy.  So we went that route.  I added jewels and fur to a black shirt, made a crazy tutu complete with a kitty tail, found spotted tights and kitty ears, and no kitty would be official with out a collar...voila...Merisa became a Pretty Kitty!

And Mr. Logan...there was no question that he would be Bam-Bam!  That boy behaves just like the character so no acting was needed!  I painted a t-shirt, cut it up to look jagged, added brown pants, some-what "sewed" (I mean, it was made out of felt so I wouldn't really consider it sewing) a Bam-Bam hat, and found a "club" in the toy room, and instantly little Logan was transformed into Bam-Bam!  While we were out "Trick-Or-Treating", people were laughing hysterically at his costume.  Mind you, most didn't really know him so his wild personality must have been shining through it all! 

So here's a pic of their costumes last year.  It was almost impossible to get a picture so hopefully, you can see Logan's outfit.  Merisa always cooperates for pictures (since she was born, no kidding!), but Logan doesn't think it's necessary for us to document his life.  One day, he'll ask why we have so few pictures of him.  It's not because we didn't take them...more because he REFUSED to stay still for even one little second.  Silly boy!

Merisa, of course, is hissing like a cat so don't be worried!

 Somehow Matt caught this picture...otherwise, we'd have nothing!

Couldn't get them to both look at the camera at the same time!
(Oh, where are you Photoshop?!)

So my question is...what/who should they be this year?  Logan will probably get mad about wearing a costume so I'll have to be sneaky!  And anything blingy will be great for Merisa!

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  1. Well, now you have 3 kids to dress up!! Kayla's wearing her Pineapple Princess costume this year. I've decided that I refuse to spend another penny on costumes when she has a closet full of them that she only wore twice!


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