Friday, December 16, 2011

The Innocence Of Being TWO...

I wanted to share my Top 5 reasons why two year olds are so stinkin' cute!  (Yes, there will be future posts as to why kids that are 8 years and 5 months are also adorable...Guess my little ones are always at the "perfect age"!)

  • Two year olds get upset when their train track is "boke".  When asked who broke it, they reply oh so proudly...MEEEEE
  • When you accidentally fall asleep while your two year old is still roaming freely, you can expect a tiny little finger to go THUMP, THUMP, THUMP on your forehead.  This is followed by a sweet "mom-eeee" and a look upon the child's face of pure concern.  After which, you somehow manage to close your eyes again only to have the THUMP, THUMP return, and this time it's followed by  "MOM-EEEE. UP!"  Guess the question is who's watching who!  
  • They get SO excited when they learn a new trick... like jumping!  They squat (as if there is much distance between them and the floor), force all of their energy into the bottom of their tiny legs, focus with all of their might, and then bounce as high as they can all the while shouting "UMP!"  Granted, they never get more than an inch off of the ground, but boy, they are SO EXCITED about their accomplishment!
  • Their two favorite words are "MINE" and "NO!"  When told to give the toy back to their sister, they sternly say "MINE".  And when asked do you want to play with said item, they firmly say "NO"!  It's all about who's in control, and they NEED to make their own decisions even if it's not what they really want!
  • When they steal a toy truck from their grandpa because it's the BEST. toy. ever., they will fall fast asleep with a firm grip on the said toy.  While they sleep you remove the toy in efforts to return it to its proper owner, only to have the two year old wake in the morning and ask "Where tuck?"  They NEVER forget anything!
Aren't two year olds the cutest things ever?! (Okay, so maybe they're not "things"...more like little human beings, but still adorable nonetheless!)  I could add so much more, but as I promised, this is my Top 5...for the moment anyway!

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